Vivian Mac Gillavry is an Amsterdam based artist. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2021.
“My practice is influenced by my background in anthropology. My work often starts with a question or an observation, when the work develops further even more questions arise.
Yet, I believe the artworld is a place where you do not necessarily have to have an impact on society, where things do not have to be useful or make sense. Art can be a place where fact and fiction are intertwined.
I am fascinated by shape, systems and patterns. For example, branching patterns (tree roots, river deltas, nervous systems), human-built systems (climbing frames, construction sites, power lines), shadows, textures and anatomy. I am interested in the beauty in that which is often seen as inconspicuous, trivial or even abject.
I want to create a sort of world or landscape in which the viewer is encouraged to wonder or fantasise about the shapes and their meaning.”


These iron sculptures are created by what I call intuitive welding. They are inspired by patterns and phenomena of growing and splitting. I am fascinated by the different types of ramifications found in everyday life. For example, in the splitting of tree branches, in bodily systems like veins, or in human built systems like roads. 

The almost pattern like elements capture the rhythm of some kind of growing organism. Although I work with a solid material, I try to give the sculptures a light and playful character to suggest the feeling of three-dimensional drawings, that interact with the drawing on paper.

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Vivain Mac Gillavry_ ramnifications_metaal werk