“I explore the tormented body by responding to needs and desires. This manifests itself in figures that are tormented and wonderfully sustained. Using materials such as wood, plaster, epoxy, clay and glass, I create carnality and muscle tension.
Each work claims its autonomy. Yet an inner struggle is manifested in them. The figures elicit pride, desire and persistence by conversing with each other benevolently to fulfill their potential.”

‘‘In Times of I Touch Myself’
Nr.1 Aka ‘Struggling’

Starting point of the series. Here I asked myself the question if the woman figure is trapped or wants to break free from her own restrictions.

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‘‘In Times of I Touch Myself’
Nr.4  Aka ‘Kenau’

An examination of the term ‘Kenau’ and the two versions we know of it: on the one hand a working bitch and on the other a resistance heroine who retained Haarlem during the Eighty Years’ War. With this I try to create awareness of how we look at terms and their presentation.

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