Klasiena Soepboer (1989) studied from 2008 to 2012 at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. After winning the Coba de Groot Stipendium with her graduation exhibition, she continued her education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, from which she graduated in 2015. Soepboer lives and works on the island Schiermonnikoog. 

“Working instinctively is an important part of my work. It enables me to gain an insight that is unattainable through mere intellect. Subsequently, an intellectual approach can be involved for a deeper understanding. Collecting, magical thinking, rituals and traditions, humanity relationship with nature, fear of mortality and ‘otherness’ are kind of elements I examine.” 



Home is a secure place where no rules or roles are forced to be played. A place where we, next to nature, come closest to our primordial selves. The sculpture ‘Homebound’ seems formed by components from a ritual. It seems to exist in an intermediate world – in a state of uncertainty. It is at rest, ready for human intervention.

Prize on request


Mother tongue

I made this work when I was still living in Amsterdam, I thought of home while making it. The work consists of two creatures, with the same appearance. They seem to be talking to each other. I have built both sculptures from ceramic shells. As a base I molded the ensis shell (better known as ‘razor’) that I found on the island where I was born, Schiermonnikoog. These creatures may be strange to another, but I know them and understand them. They are shaped by the same landscape that shaped me.

Prize on request

Klasiena Soepboer_just rituals4

Just Rituals

The sublime is something I experience in grand landscapes that overwhelm with their beauty and in how logically everything moves. The individual no longer exists in this landscape, everything merges into one whole. Here you see life arising on death. The ‘Just Rituals’ sculptures are inspired by this experience. Everything merges into one goal and the sense of control disappears.

Each ritual  € 825,-

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Klasiena Soepboer_Just Rituals3