In my art, I identify with living nature, whose energy is the driving force in my work.

Longing for Nature

In the past two years, the fragility of life intruded through the invisible enemy Corona. During the first corona lockdown, an inner lockdown had also occurred in me. Stress and uncertainty prevented me from doing my normal work. I usually work with clay. The shutdown created space to work with other materials. 

During this time the willows were cut back, which gave rise to braiding, weaving and knotting with the willow twigs. The wonderful smell of soaked branches and the structure ‘strong and resilient’ gave me energy and peace in a directionless time. Searching for order and cohesion by weaving the whimsical branches. By working with this material, I felt again the connection with nature, which I could experience especially intensely in my childhood. 

I also worked with the wood of a fallen tree, felled by a summer storm. 

In this way I combined the willow twigs with the tree, and give direction to the need to contribute something to a world in which so much is wasted and destroyed by man. The works are largely made of recycled materials.

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