In the words of Hans Boutellier: ‘There is something mysterious about Ike van Cleeff’s work. It is robust and fragile at the same time – it wants to show that there is more than we think. It mocks the complacency of modern man who believes himself to be the center of the universe. Ike has an antenna for what we don’t see – can’t see or perhaps better: don’t want to see.’

The three sculptures in this exhibition are based on this time and made in the last two years.

The man who almost lets the world slip out of his hands

The title speaks for itself. There is a change taking place in the world. We are slowly realizing that caring for nature is for the benefit of mankind. That the earth is also a living organism that needs care. The little red animal that almost threatens to fall off the globe symbolizes nature that is disappearing.

€ 4.000,-


Sometimes a person wants to achieve something, to find something, to get something, but for that sometimes a leap into the dark has to be taken.
There is also doubt and despair: will I find it? This image sees an unfathomable depth, and takes the leap.

€ 2.000,-


Photo is a detail of the work

‘2022’ is the image of the home worker, motionless trapped in front of the screen. The digital man whose head is a reflection of the cardboard that we spin through it at breakneck speed to get things delivered to his home. Information passes through his head in a continuous stream that we only hope is not harmful.

Prize on request