Harry Schumacher denounces the way humanity treats nature. We place ourselves above, although we are part of it. We see nature as a laboratory for our benefit. Harry creates a world of works of art to increase our engagement with nature. In the works a representation of human characteristics gets us involved. Separate works zoom into an aspect of our attitude towards nature, but the collection of works forms the whole picture, like an alternative world. Harry Schumacher exhibits in museums, galleries and theme exhibitions all over the world.


As humans we are part of nature, which feeds us literally. In spite of that we often place ourselves above and we think we have the right to use nature as it pleases us. Nature develops through time, people who try to hold on to their acquired values are standing still.

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Movement is suggested in this vehicle-like structure. Everything is moving. The cycle of reproduction keeps repeating. Evolutionary changes increases our change for survival in our environment. Where are we going to, what is the use of survival? What is the final goal? Is there a final goal? In the centre of the work a static row of seeds is presented. A scale judges another group of seeds. A step in between fixated in time.

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‘A Sphere Is Just An Egg Not Afraid To Fall

In this work a sphere and an egg are balanced on a wooden support. The egg represents the reproduction and the sphere the strive for perfection. The work combines the basic principles of evolution.

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