Fleur van den Berg is a visual artist working from her atelier in Leiden. Making sculptures is her way of processing the world around her.

Her works find their origin in ‘la condition humaine’, her own questioning of society and its current challenges, while keeping an outsider’s perspective without losing sight of the awareness of her privileges and responsibilities. These initial thoughts and feelings inform the material choice of the sculpture. She works with a wide variety of materials in alienating and unexpected qualities but has a preference for glass, ceramics and textiles.

“You’ll find recognizable elements of humans, animals, and everyday objects in my work, often in a surreal and distorted way. I want my sculptures to seduce you to look at them, entice you to want to touch them, perhaps laugh about them, be touched by them. When you just think you understand it, you are surprised by the discovery of a new interpretation of it. I want to show that there are many perspectives, many shades of grey, and many truths.’’


A human being with arms like branches and a torso as if it were a tree trunk. Cut down: taken away from the roots. Is it about a displaced person? Driven away from his home? Or is it about “humanity destroying itself” by destroying nature? Humanity that thinks it is above nature and doesn’t realize that everything is connected? It is up to you.

€ 3.250,-

‘soldier's table(au)

An image that suddenly becomes very topical again. It is not about the type of uniform, but about the system. A system, a situation, in which people are capable of horrible things. In which people no longer see the other as a human being. The plate with ‘blood soup’ symbolizes the relationship between war and economics. It also represents how we receive images of war through the media.

€ 2.700,-


‘She’s not here, not there, but somewhere in between’

Dit beeld is ontstaan in ‘coronatijd’. Voor het textielfestival van Leiden was ik als kunstenaar gekoppeld aan het Nederlandse quilters-gilde voor een samenwerkingsproject. Ik ontwierp patronen van vleugels, die de leden konden quilten. Helaas werd het festival door corona geannuleerd. De onzekere tijd, en vele eenzaam gestorven mensen in het begin van de corona periode, vormden de bron voor dit beeld.

Prize on request


‘Plantwoman: it all happened before she knew it, but it never really had been different'

Een beeld van de versmelting van een vrouw en een plant. Het symboliseert dat de mens een intrinsiek onderdeel is van de natuur: er niet los van staat. ‘Plantvrouw’ toont overgave, kwetsbaarheid, symbiose en sensualiteit. 

Prize on request