There are two sides to my work:
– the theatrical and narrative, developed during my years of cooperation with the experimental theatre group Dogtroep,
– and the research, where the emphasis lies on movement, development.
The most interesting thing for me is not what is finished, but what holds promise, where imperfection lurks. That in which decay and, at the same time, emergence are shimmering.

‘'La reine est morte, vive la morte'

Symbol of victory, strength and a positive vision of the future.
Heroes, victors and emperors were crowned with her foliage.
Symbol of love, faithfulness and hope.
Noah’s dove carried her back.
The good Samaritan with her oil anointed wounds to heal.
The olive tree, bearer of the fruits that for centuries have been part of the menu of man.

Locked in the immovable iron
and sawn into blocks, stored,
classified in the chains of the rampant civilization.
Sawn into blocks, as if to organize the memory of her.

prize on request