The Rhythm of Things: About decay and the new youth

I see my works as my backyard. A garden has everything in it of a great desire. The preparation for new life, cyclical processes of life and death, order and decay.
We are nature and connected to these dynamic and cyclical processes. Connecting opposites or extremes is what I seek in my visual work. In everything I want to wander. For me, creating images is about beauty but also decay.
My garden is large, I like to travel to explore. For example, I have been lucky enough to stay in several residencies to carry out projects. A new garden and new contacts with other artists are inspiring. As an artist, I make an attempt to approach life in a moment of stasis and keep hesitating until the end.


A life cycle sculpted into a picture.

A line as an emotional moment of vulnerability.

€ 1.350,-
Charcoal on paper
260 x 300


The Rhythm of Things
On decay and the new youth

€ 1.350,-
Charcoal on paper
260 x 300


Series of works in wood Cedar 

different dimensions 

The sensitivity of a line, a line of wood, burnt wood, charcoal, it makes visible our fragility of life. 

€ 850,- by piece