Anneke de Witte, as a native of Zeeland herself once an islander, is fascinated by islands:
“The romantic longing for unknown distances is of all times and created the myth of islands.
Nowadays, the need to escape the contemporary requirement of constant availability, to be able to be yourself in a completely unattainable way, is added to that.
The ‘island feeling’ also refers to increased individualism. Islands have many faces. They are not only paradisiacal areas and sanctuaries, but also places of the damned. They are dynamic places, where sea and land meet, where waves on the island have made this rise and fall. Islands are fragile, but also a rock-solid resting place in the flow of energy of the ocean or rather our existence.”

Monk’s Island

‘Monks Island’ looks energetic and moving. The tall ceramic pedestal with its wavy flaring ‘skirt’ is reminiscent of a progressing figure. The aluminum part on top is like an allusion to a ‘holy spirit’. Inspired by ‘the light’.

aluminium on ceramic

Mona Lisa’s Island

In all my sculptures, I first make the top part. Then the bottom follows as a form answer to the form of the top. I also did this with the sculpture ‘Mona Lisa’s Island’. The upper part is depicted in the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. For me, that was the ‘trigger’ to discover the underwater part.
The landscape in Leonardo’s paintings are often mysterious and seem to tell about the background of the usually mythical depictions, in this case Mona Lisa.

€ 1,250,-


The sculpture ‘Inish’ looks bright and has an austere appearance. I associate this with the karesansui gardens, the ‘dry mountain and water gardens’ in Japan. Here the boulders lie in the carefully raked gravel and symbolize the eternal and unchanging. The all-encompassing emptiness and infinity of the ocean, and the mind that is free of thoughts and concepts. As with these gardens, the sculptures fulfill for me a meditative function or an impulse for reflection.
The movement from darkness to light forms a pedestal, as it were, with the water table being the supporting line of the upper part of the island. The solid form above, while the lower form is more fluid. Like volcanically compressed energy seeking a way out.
Of islands, as with icebergs, only the tip is visible. Nineteenths of it is below the surface of the water. That mysterious unknown piece invited imaginative possibilities.

€ 2.750,-