Alice W. Bakker forges her sculptures in steel, copper and silver. She also works in paper three-dimensionally. About her work she says:
“Movement is the creator, the beginning, the basis of my work. Both the moving body and the flow of water or clouds in the wind. Moving myself, but also feeling the movement in watching it.
Working with steel, I forge the rigid sheets of steel into supple bodies.
Cutting paper is like dancing with the sharp of the knife.”

‘Seaweed Forest

In Ireland along the Atlantic coast, when the seabed temporarily becomes land, bizarre forms of seaweeds appear on the jagged rocks. Fascinating, large and mysterious. With a tough leathery structure, sometimes semi-translucent like the skin of strange sea creatures. What would it be like to walk among these forms?
‘Seaweed Forest’ was made in the spring of 2020, during the lockdown. The silence and the absence of daily disturbance gave the opportunity for optimal concentration. These special circumstances had a great influence on the final result.

The show work is an A.P.
Total work € 11.900,- (Editions 3)
singel sheet € 5.950,- (Editions 3)
material Tyvek



Time as a labyrinth;
‘What do we know of time
if we measure it
with the ticking of a clock?

€ 32.500,-
material forged CorTen steel

Skin to skin: an encounter of sculpture and dance

‘Skin to skin’ is a project by Ellen Harmsma (dance), Mimi Soeteman (camera and editing), Alice Bakker (concept and production) and the image ‘Labyrinth’.

Ellen Harmsma, the dancer, improvises with the sculpture in her dance. She responds in her movements to the fact that the sculpture is made of steel; frozen in its movement. She is inspired by the movements that are put into the sculpture and by what the sculpture expresses. Steel and skin seem to come together. Partly based on her experience as a sculptor, Ellen Harmsma makes aspects of the sculpture visible through her dance. In much the same way that dance can shed a different light on music.
Mimi Soeteman, camera and editing. Her inspiration for the camera work is based on ‘positive shape and negative space’. The chemistry between dancer and image is captured not only through their dance, their togetherness and their texture. But also in the space outside them, between them, around them. There too, light or shadow falls and creates tension and beauty.
Alice Bakker, concept and production, is also the creator of ‘Labyrinth’.
Music: ‘Adagio’ from the Piano Sonata by Sofia Gubaidulina.
Piano: GéNIA.